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There Are 2 Types Of Jobs That Men Encounter That Have A Shaving Requirement


Specific examples include acting as a security guard or being active duty military. For these types of jobs the shaving requirements are not for any health reasons but purely for grooming. Due to the frequency that these jobs require men to shave some men have significant difficulty complying. Often they require a waiver from a medical professional licensed in their state, recommending that they reduce the frequency in which they shave.


These jobs require employees to submit to an annual fit test in order to determine what type of N95 masks they can wear. Men who have facial hair will not be able to pass an N95 fit test because the N95 respirator requires a tight seal. Men who work in these types of jobs need an alternate solution. They need a doctor’s waiver that specifically allows them to wear a PAPR respirator instead.

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Please do not post information here respecting your medical history, your symptoms, any diagnosis you may have been given, the names of any medications you may be taking, or any other specific information about your health or healthcare. Please limit your posting to such matters as days and times you’d like to be seen or preferences, if any, for a provider.

Our shaving waiver policy is as follows:

1 -  A $49.99 administration fee is required for all waivers. Razor Bumps Inc. spends time and money marketing this website www.razorbumps.com and this fee allows us to cover our costs.

2 - Currently, Razor Bumps Inc. uses two physician groups/practices to assist men in getting a shaving waiver

a. One group is a telehealth company, My Virtual Physician (where shaving waivers are done by general primary care doctors)

b. The other group is a Dermatology practice based in New Jersey where the lead Dermatologist is licensed in multiple states.

c. The cost to cover the doctor consult depends on which of the two practices you get your waiver from.

3 - If you get your waiver from My Virtual Physician, the doctor fee is 24.99. You are not required to have a virtual visit with our providers unless there is an issue with your information.

If you get your waiver from the Dermatology practice we refer to, the doctor's fee is $125.

a. This practice will no longer take insurance starting June 1. 2023.

b. However, you can submit your receipt to your insurance plan and potentially get reimbursed. The practice will guide you as to how to do this.

4 - Please note that although the two doctor groups we use will strive to get you your waiver within 24hrs, it may take up to 3 business days to receive the waiver.

5 - Privacy is very important to us. We never share any of your information with anyone, nor do we ever sell it. You can be secure knowing we value and endeavor always to safeguard your data and online presence. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

*Kindly note that if your insurance rejects the claim for your physician's visit, you may receive a bill. In such event, please don't hesitate to contact our office for assistance with adjustments.

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