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shaving your bikini area to avoid razor bumps

Bumps on the bikini line after shaving are common. Razor bumps happen when irritated hair follicles become swollen, itchy, or even infected after hair removal. 

To avoid bikini line bumps, it is important to know what causes them. Then, taking special care to protect the skin can go a long way in preventing problems. In most cases, bikini line bumps are bothersome but harmless. 

Here are some tips to stop this skin care problem and what to do when it becomes serious.

How To Avoid Bikini Line Bumps

The bikini area refers to the skin and hair next to the genitals. These areas are bared when wearing a bikini. For looks and comfort, many women choose to shave or wax there. 

Pubic hair removal is common. About 83% of women report grooming their bikini areas. Understanding hair growth in this area is the first step to preventing skin problems.

Hairy for a Reason

Although most women admit trying to eliminate some (or all) of the hair in the bikini area, it is there for a couple of reasons, such as:

Shaving around the genitals can lead to ingrown hairs, skin infections, even painful cuts or burns. Hair removal can seriously irritate a bikini line. So it is important to consider the risks and benefits when choosing how to care for this delicate area. 

Individuals choose hair removal for many reasons, some cultural or even religious. When deciding to remove hair at the bikini line, these steps can help maintain healthy, good-looking skin. 

Care for the Bikini Line

Make these steps a part of the skin care regimen and you could see better results.

  1. Exfoliate - The first and most important thing to do to prevent bikini line bumps is to exfoliate the skin before hair removal and regularly. Using a gentle skin exfoliator can remove dead skin cells and bacteria. Avoid using mechanical exfoliators, like a dry brush or a loofah sponge, to scrub off the cells. Instead, a cleanser with salicylic acid will remove the bad stuff without irritation.
  2. Cleanse - To provide the best care for your skin, choose a quality skin cleanser. Regular bar soap can disturb the normal pH balance. An over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide skin wash can clean the skin without overdrying.
  3. Pre-wash - Immediately before shaving, perform a "prewash." Recent studies show that a pre-shave skincare routine with warm water and a moisturizer improves hydration in the hair shaft which makes it swell. Thus hair is cut with blunt edges, which reduces the risk of razor bumps.


With these tips on prevention and a newfound understanding of why razor bumps start, you can avoid bikini line bumps now and forever. 

And if you can't, talk with one of our board-certified physicians about what else you can do to eliminate his problem.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. The information, graphics, and images on this site are not intended to substitute diagnosis or treatment by a medical professional. Always seek the advice of a licensed physician for any questions you may have regarding a specific condition.


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